Home care services

Welcome to Eminence homecare,a premier homecare treatment destination in vijayawada, visakapatnam, rajahmundry and hyderabad areas. By considering us as an option for your care,you are taking the first important step towards wellness.

Our team works with the mission to provide personalized, compassionate and proficient home health services to the elderly, disabled and the infirmed in the community.

We specialize in Family Services and Personal Assistance Services which entails close coordination with the patient.

Senior Citizen Care /Elder Care At Home in Visakhapatnam

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Senior Citizen Care / Elder Care Visakhapatnam

Eminence – Senior Citizen Care / Elder Care Services At Home in Visakhapatnam, help individuals remain safe, independent and engaged in leading enriched lives. This includes not only medical care offered by our highly qualified at home nurses but also assistance with activities of daily living. Our elder care plans utilize either at home nursing care, attendants, or nursing assistants on a patient’s requirements.


Our elder care at home can also be utilized as a source of comfort by those who are currently providing care to their loved ones.
Many times we look to friends, family, or workers already in our home to provide support and care to our elders. While their intentions are in the right place, only a trained professional, such as an Eminence Homecare – team member, can provide you with highly skilled medical care and support in case of emergency or with general day to day living. Senior Citizen Care / Elder Care Visakhapatnam

  • Your loved one will receive every form of medical, emotional, physical and day to day care and attention, in the comfort of a home environment.
  • Elderly family members who stay independently can avail of all medical requirements at home.
  • Easy access to doctors and a vast variety of medical staff.

Nursing Care

As per medical requirement.

Medical Equipment

Rental and sale of required equipment.


Hair cut, shave, nail care.

Bathing And Hygiene

Maintaining physical well being.

Transportation Assistance

To, inside of, and from Doctors Hospital.


Assistance with feeding & meal plans.

Mobility Assistance

Helps individuals get out of their homes.